911 Traditional and Classy…!

Today’s vehicle has one of the most traditional kit out of ours, it’s also anything but an ordinary Carrera, which served as our base, it’s a 997 Carrera 4S, which was outfitted with an old school RS body kit, a kind of homage to the early days Porsche 911 RS 2.7 ‘ducktail’ models….

911 RS 2.7 DUCKTAIL new edition…it was time to set about making the dream a reality. With these theme for the 911, we needed a design and concept to work towards. Next, we had to source a suitable Porsche 997 Carrera 4S “Wide Body” to use as a base car. After find a suitable 997 Carrera 4S we still needed exactly 3 months to the realize the kit finally.

MOSHAMMER products are made of the best composite materials on market, this brings a strong stability with a very low weight. Our TRADITION RS kit consisting of a front spoiler lip, front bumper rs grill, front fender louvers/slats, side skirts, rear diffuser and finally the ducktail.

At one of the biggest Porsche Meeting in Europe “1.Mai Porsche Freunde” we have present the 911 TRADITION RS the first time, and the customers and experts say “The final result are absolutely phenomenal” this kit is completely traditional and classy.

Mk1 click here: 997 TRADITION RS KIT

Mk2 click here: 997.2 TRADITION RS KIT