991 Turbo Downforce RS Aero Kit


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The Moshammer Downforce RS aero-kit, a package designed to enhance the Porsche 991 Turbo in terms of both aesthetics and performance.

Let’s take a closer look at each component and its potential benefits:

Front Spoiler:
Improved Aerodynamics: The front spoiler’s more aggressive design helps reduce lift and enhance front-end downforce, improving the car’s stability, especially at high speeds.
Aesthetics: The front spoiler also give the car a more aggressive and sporty appearance.

Side Skirts:
Enhanced Aerodynamics: Side skirts contribute to the overall aerodynamics of the vehicle, reducing air turbulence along the sides and improving handling and stability.
Aesthetics: They also provide a lower, more streamlined look to the Porsche and enhancing its visual appeal.

Rear Diffuser:
Undercarriage Heat Reduction: In addition to dissipating heat from the engine compartment, a air outlet frame redirecting exhaust heat strategically to help reduce heat buildup under the vehicle.
The revised rear diffuser is designed to reduce drag and increase downforce. Increased downforce enhances the car’s stability and traction, particularly during high-speed driving and on the track.

Rear Wing Extension:
Increased Downforce: The rear wing extension’s purpose is to generate more downforce at the rear of the car. This added downforce helps improve stability, particularly during fast cornering and high-speed driving.
Aesthetics: It also give the rear of the Porsche 991 Turbo a more aggressive and race-inspired appearance.

Intercooler Air Inlets (Ram Air Scoops):
Efficient Cooling: These air inlets are designed to cool the intercooler more effectively, which is crucial during high-speed and track use to prevent overheating and maintain consistent engine performance.
Aerodynamic Performance: The design of these ram air inlets are not only aids in cooling but also contributes to the car’s overall aerodynamic performance, by directing airflow more efficiently.

In summary, the Moshammer Downforce RS aero-kit was designed as a package to enhance the Porsche 991 Turbo’s overall driving dynamics.

It’s important to note that all components included in this kit were manufactured to high-quality standards and met TÜV-Approved regulatory standards to ensure safety and compliance with relevant regulations. This commitment to quality and safety is crucial when modifying or upgrading any vehicle to maintain performance and legal compliance.
This article P991.20.7000 is delivered unpainted.
Mounting material is included.

With TÜV parts certificate (§19.3)!

For all Porsche 991.1 Turbo | Turbo S.
Not for models with original Sport Design Aero-kit.
All parts are installed at OEM screwing points and with special glue. After ordering you get the installation manual by Email.
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