Introducing the Moshammer Downforce RS Aero-Kit, a performance-focused upgrade that improves aesthetics and driving performance for the Porsche 911 991 Turbo S model


Here’s a quick overview of its key components:

Front Spoiler:

Boosts Aerodynamics: Reduces lift and enhances front-end downforce for better stability, especially at high speeds.

Elevates Style: Adds a sporty and aggressive look to your Porsche.

Side Skirts:

Enhances Aerodynamics: Improves handling and stability by reducing side air turbulence.

Elevates Appearance: Provides a sleek, lower-profile appearance to your Porsche.

Rear Diffuser:

Manages Heat: Reduces undercarriage heat buildup and enhances engine compartment cooling.

Increases Downforce: Improves stability and traction, especially during high-speed and track driving.

Rear Wing Extension:

Boosts Downforce: Enhances stability during cornering and high-speed driving.

Adds a Race-Inspired Look: Gives your Porsche 911 991 Turbo a more aggressive appearance.

Intercooler Air Inlets (Ram Air Scoops):

Efficient Cooling: Cools the intercooler effectively for consistent engine performance.

Aerodynamic Benefits: Contributes to overall aerodynamics by directing airflow efficiently.


In conclusion, the Moshammer Downforce RS Aero-Kit is a comprehensive upgrade designed to enhance the Porsche 991 Turbo’s driving dynamics and aesthetics