MOSHAMMER 718 Touring Evo R Aero Kit, the result of an impressive, custom-tailored solution specifically developed by our designers and engineers for the Porsche 718. The Porsche 718 Aero kit embodies an elegant Touring look, further refined by an extremely effective ducktail spoiler. These refinements were meticulously designed to not only enhance performance but also to elevate the look for your Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster

With the Moshammer Porsche 718 Aerokit, our goal was to provide your Porsche 718 with more agility in corners and increased stability at high speeds, all without resorting to an overloaded spoiler package. The TOURING EVO R AERO KIT represents the perfect harmony of design and performance, tailored for optimal suitability on both the street and the racetrack.

Through the fusion of design and performance, your Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster sets new standards and stands in a class of its own. Welcome to a world where perfect design and impeccable aerodynamics elevate your Porsche 718 to a new level.