đŸŽ„ Exciting News: MOSHAMMER’s Latest Porsche 992 Video Now Live on YouTube! We’re thrilled to announce that MOSHAMMER has officially joined YouTube! Dive into the world of automotive excellence with our brand-new video showcasing the stunning Porsche 992 kit. Discover every detail of our beautifully crafted enhancements for the Porsche 992, from sleek aerodynamics to […]

Valentine’s Day Sale

Valentine's Day Sale

Rev up your romance this Valentine’s Day with MOSHAMMER’s exciting sale event! Whether you’re a Porsche enthusiast looking to upgrade your ride or searching for the perfect gift to impress your significant other, MOSHAMMER has you covered. With discounts of up to 30% on select products and accessories, there’s never been a better time to […]

Porsche 992 GT3 Touring: Moshammer’s Evo II Ducktail

Porsche 992 GT3 Touring ducktail

Unleash the power of design with the Porsche 992 GT3 Touring, now refined by Moshammer’s Ducktail Evo II. This masterpiece combines power, nostalgia, and avant-garde design, paying homage to the iconic ’73 Mighty Ducktail of the 911 Carrera RS 2.7. Inspired by timeless design, Moshammer’s Ducktail Evo-II and the 992 Sport Classic Heritage Ducktail showcase […]

Ducktail Evo II

Ducktail Evo II

The Moshammer Ducktail Evo II is more than just a dream for Porsche enthusiasts—it’s a reality! Drawing inspiration from the iconic ’73 Mighty Ducktail of the 911 Carrera RS 2.7, both the Moshammer Ducktail Evo II and the 992 Sport Classic Heritage Ducktail share this legendary inspiration, each with its distinct design nuances. Adding to […]

Classic Charm Meets Modern Engineering

Moshammer porsche 997 carrera 4s

Classic Charm Meets Modern Engineering with the Moshammer 997 Tradition RS Kit! Unveil automotive perfection as Moshammer’s 997 Tradition RS Kit seamlessly marries classic charm and modern engineering for Porsche 997 Carrera S, 4S, GTS, MK1  and  MK2 models. This masterpiece draws inspiration from the iconic 911 Carrera RS and the legendary Mighty Ducktail from […]

Reviving Retro Style: The MOSHAMMER Ducktail Evo II for Your Porsche 992

Ducktail Evo 2 Moshammer Ram Air Ducts

Reviving Retro Style: The MOSHAMMER Ducktail Evo II for Your Porsche 992….! Experience the classic appeal of the Moshammer Ducktail Evo II on your Porsche 992. This iconic accessory isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a game-changer for performance and design. Our dedicated team of designers and engineers have gone the extra mile, crafting this masterpiece […]

992 Turbo S Moshammer Evo Pro Wing

992 Turbo S Moshammer

992 Turbo S Moshammer Evo Pro Wing, introducing a groundbreaking addition that seamlessly merges style and substance for high-performance sports car aficionados.   Key Features and Benefits: Aerodynamic Enhancements: Designed to complement the Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA) system, the Moshammer Evo Pro Wing ensures that existing aerodynamic configurations remain intact, preserving the car’s performance attributes. Low […]

Moshammer Evo Pro Wing for Porsche 992 Turbo S

Unleash the Power: Enhance your Porsche 992 Turbo S with the dynamic Moshammer Performance Rear Wing. With optimized aerodynamics, you’ll benefit from increased airbrake function, higher downforce, and improved driving stability without compromising top speed. Upgrade your driving experience with the Moshammer Performance Rear Wing and revolutionize your journey. Elevate your Porsche to new heights […]

Moshammer 992 Ducktail Evo II

Moshammer Ducktail Evo II

After our worldwide successful first 992 Ducktail, we ignite the second stage. MOSHAMMER 992 Ducktail Evo II in the usual OEM+ design gives your Porsche 992 a unique look and increases its efficiency! Our designers and engineers have further optimized the efficiency and performance! Evolution II The Moshammer 992 Ducktail Evo II leaves its predecessor […]



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