Ultimate 992 Ducktail Evo II is arriving !

After our worldwide successful 992 Ducktail Evo, we ignite the second stage, with the Ducktail Evo II.
The new MOSHAMMER 992 Ducktail Evo II in the usual Moshammer oem+ design gives your Porsche 992 a unique look and increases its efficiency!

Efficiency and Performance 

Stage 1.
When developing the first MOSHAMMER 992 Ducktail Evo, our designers and engineers had already integrated air intakes (ram air ducts) to supply cold fresh air to the intercoolers into the design and construction. Because after the lift function of the original Porsche 992 rear spoiler is removed, the opening to the intercoolers is no longer present, causing the intercoolers to heat up, resulting in high engine temperatures.
Moshammer solution to this problem was to integrate similar, but already 10% larger air intakes than on an original Porsche 992 Turbo S with a stock output of 650hp into the design to ensure cold airflow to the intercoolers, thereby improving performance.

Stage 2.
The Moshammer 992 Ducktail Evo II leaves its predecessor in the "shade" with a further increase in airflow and optimized aerodynamics. Our designers and engineers have further optimized the RAM AIR DUCTS known from our Moshammer 992 Ducktail Evo and changed their inlets so that both the dynamic air supply by another 8% so a total of 18% more than a Porsche 992 Turbo S could increase.

Also, the new MOSHAMMER 992 Ducktail Evo II will be like its predecessor, with the only fixed rear spoiler, which has a technical inspection and approval with a "TÜV Approved" certificate.

MOSHAMMER premium products are TÜV approved and road legal
With TÜV parts certificate (§19.3)!
Currently, the Moshammer Ducktail Evo II will be available for the 992 Coupé models Carrera S | 4S | GTS | GT3 TOURING.

992 Ducktail Evo II