Moshammer Ducktail for your Porsche 992


The whole new MOSHAMMER Ducktail Evo with Ram Air Ducts for your Porsche 992 Carrera S / 4S / GTS / GT3 Touring

The Moshammer Ducktail is a fixed spoiler and of course, no longer lifts off at high speeds

For your attention:
Please note that the Moshammer Ducktail is the world’s only fixed rear spoiler / Ducktail, which offers a solution for the thermal of the intercooler.
With the removal of the original spoiler and the resulting elimination of the lifting function of the original spoiler, whose task it is to supply the intercoolers with fresh cold air, the two intercoolers heat up and there are very high intake air temperatures which can lead to overheating of the engine.
Our designers and engineers have already recognized this problem (thermal) in the development and constructed our Ducktail so that by 2 fresh air Ram Air Duct inlets the temperatures remain as with the original spoiler in the completely normal range.

We can also confirm that the original Porsche 992 GT3 with a fixed ducktail is mounted very differently than one with engine/lift function as on the Porsche 992 Carrera S | 4S | GTS and GT3 Touring.

Please check out our product page Ducktail Evo for more product information.

Here is a very short but helpful VIDEO to understand how a real Ducktail is put on the Porsche 992!