MOSHAMMER 992 TOURING EVO S based on the Porsche 992 Carrera


The brand new Moshammer aero-kit Touring Evo S for your Porsche 992 Carrera S / 4S.

The 992 Touring Evo S aero kit ensures the best possible aerodynamic properties and is at the same time a beautiful oem+ designed aero package that gives your Porsche 992 a unique appearance.

Why the Moshammer refinements for your Porsche 992. However, we think that it is not everyone’s taste to drive a huge wing-like nearly the 992 GT3, and exactly for these kinds of Porsche 992 Carrera owners, we create our Ducktail Evo Pro, to have the more classy but sporty look.

The kit replaces the original parts on your Porsche. Moshammer use always as it is possible the same connection points like the stock components that the car can be reverted to original any time. This positive effect is continued in all of our products without exception.