Ducktail Evo II

Ducktail Evo II

The Moshammer Ducktail Evo II is more than just a dream for Porsche enthusiasts—it’s a reality! Drawing inspiration from the iconic ’73 Mighty Ducktail of the 911 Carrera RS 2.7, both the Moshammer Ducktail Evo II and the 992 Sport Classic Heritage Ducktail share this legendary inspiration, each with its distinct design nuances. Adding to […]

Classic Charm Meets Modern Engineering

Moshammer porsche 997 carrera 4s

Classic Charm Meets Modern Engineering with the Moshammer 997 Tradition RS Kit! Unveil automotive perfection as Moshammer’s 997 Tradition RS Kit seamlessly marries classic charm and modern engineering for Porsche 997 Carrera S, 4S, GTS, MK1  and  MK2 models. This masterpiece draws inspiration from the iconic 911 Carrera RS and the legendary Mighty Ducktail from […]

Moshammer 992 Ducktail Evo II

Moshammer Ducktail Evo II

After our worldwide successful first 992 Ducktail, we ignite the second stage. MOSHAMMER 992 Ducktail Evo II in the usual OEM+ design gives your Porsche 992 a unique look and increases its efficiency! Our designers and engineers have further optimized the efficiency and performance! Evolution II The Moshammer 992 Ducktail Evo II leaves its predecessor […]